Word from the Architect

To successfully accomplish the design and realization of shopping centers, residences, hotels, offices or multifunctional complexes requires skill and creativity as well as a clear vision of the market. Our firm is able to combine all the basic prerequisites with the customer’s aspirations in one functional unit.

From the start, eatch project is considered as a global concept.
Nature of the building, intended purpose, accessibility, layout, volume ; size: all these aspects are integrated in an effectient and creative manner.

Our qualifications and know-insure the choice of the best solutions.
Our close collaboration with public authorities, financial institutions, real estate agencies and building contractors is based exlusively on our skills. Each project is thus managed with rigor and realism.

Being in no way linked to any construction firm, financial institution or engineering or desing office enables us to approach, freely and objectively, program owners according to the nature and the size of a project.

Once a main concept has been defined, the design is developed and improved according to various financial, architectural, technical and aesthetical criteria.
A solid business structure, an integrated approach, an overall vision and a constant watch over of the project are the cornerstone of the quality of all our achievements.

Our experience and skills ensures that we meet the customer’s requirements, whether general or specific.
In depth knowledge of all aspects of the contruction trade and long-term vision enable us to anticipate future needs and even think-up new programs.

Our services are multdisciplinary and whether it concerns the meeting of paticular requirements or the proposal of integrated and turnkey projects, our achievements will suit your ambitions.


Born in Casablanca on October 20, 1960

  • 1983 : Diploma from « L’école Spéciale d’Architecture – Paris » (the Special Architecture School- Paris) with special honours from the jury
  • 1983 : Diploma from « l’institut de Construction Industrielle » The Industrial Construction Institute
  • 1983 : Certificate from « l’Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Sciences Appliquées au Bâtiment » The Ecole des ponts, Building Trade Specialization
  • 1981 : Trained at the Edward Durell Stone practice in New York
  • 1983 : Worked at the Tejeiro practice in Paris
  • 1984/1985 : Worked at the Loui Riou practice in Casablanca
  • 1985 : Founded the Majid LAHBABI practice

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